Won James Won – Prozrachnik OUT NOW

According to obscure sources of doubtful authenticity, Prozrachnik is a transparent psycho-magnetic deity, which was haunting schizophrenic dissidents all over the world during the Cold-War era. Supposedly, its astral body can be seen in a state of self-imposed delirium. Prozrachnik is also the latest album by the renowned Russian underground band Won James Won. It’s an opulent sample assemblage conjuring a sense of deep, wintery delusion and playful paranoia.

Won James Won is a collective of musicians based between St Petersburg and Moscow. Established in 2003, the noise/rock band has put out a number of releases, cementing their status as one of the most prolific artists on the Russian underground scene. Previously, they were also members of the ZveZdaZ art movement, a creative commune, which united their other projects like MUX and WOMBA. There’s a strong sense of logocentric undercurrent and DIY mythology woven throughout their records, visceral and raw, inviting the listener to enter their dystopian world of haunted voices.