Quarantaine – Lichtempfindlich! Out Now

Quarantaine’s Lichtempfindlich! was originally recorded in 1984 in former Czechoslovakia. Reminiscent of SMERSH’s ephemeral experiments, post-punk and industrial music of its era, but carving its own sonic path, Quarantaine’s music is raw, yet atemporal in its psychedelic rhythm-machinic ambience. Slavek Kwi and Jaroslav Palat created Quarantaine as an ephemeral collaboration in Prague of the 1980’s. A hypnotic exploration of the darker recesses of consciousness, Quarantaine hovers between the beastly and the ghostly, with light touches in between. Remastered by Slavek Kwi, one of the original members of the duo, this new rendition also includes a previously unpublished track.

Out on cassette and digital.