CVN – Concrete Virus Nu [VNG009]

“[The virus is] .. darkness/sickness in people’s minds. It’s in Tokyo…” Fragments of disembodied voices, digital clipping, surgical cut-ups – CVN’s debut on Baba Vanga proceeds in precisely calculated spasms of sound. Dystopian, dark and futuristic, Concrete Virus Nu is a reckless digital glitch-funk inspired by techno, industrial music, noise and juke. A virus that corrupts data. A virus that mutilates, deconstructs and disembodies. Urban virus that spreads with the unavoidability of drying concrete.

Nobuyuki Sakuma is a Japanese musician based in Tokyo, the penultimate urban megalopolis. *Concrete Virus Nu* is a soundtrack to his home, a disjointed sonic portrait of the ordered chaos of the Japanese capital. Samples of arcade machines, digital glossolalia, speech synthesis gone havoc, Sakuma processes these into nano particles, which he recomposes with a machinic precision. CVN is Sakuma’s solo project, an endeavour he started in February 2015 after being active in the duo Jesse Ruins (Captured Tracks). Whereas Jesse Ruins offer some respite – fractions of female voices and familiar references – CVN’s music is structured as a stop motion reconstruction of an urban implosion.