VNG007 – Tlaotlon / Střed Světa Split

Saturated media ecologies. Hypermediated economy of attention. Texture as opposed to pattern. Tlaotlon from New Zealand and Střed Světa from the Czech Republic converge their intra-terrestrial sonicism, a world apart geographically, less than a stone’s throw musically. Tlaotlon’s glistening, mellifluous electronics is inspired by glut aesthetics, a lysergic ornamental kaleidoscope, with fractals of sounds, melodies and beats gravitating towards each other and centrifugally dispersing into the outer orbits. Střed Světa’s side follows his debut on Baba Vanga, which also inaugurated the whole imprint back in 2013. He expands his idiosyncratic sonic lexicon, breezily gliding through gelated rhythms and melodies, a crystallized wormhole.