Somnoroase Pasarele album out!

You’ve received an optics treatise with mandalas of dust keys from the star that’s risen, pulsars and interferences of rays through curtain folds, transcribed for paper speakers and the dream machine, polished by lenses, scratched by tears and stirred by currents of frequencies composed on glimmering surfaces over which waft tiny clouds of all colours from whence small spotlights open and close in slow motion projecting into the depths a viscid kaleidoscope of spaces infinitesimally differentiated wearing out the drunken resident with the tenacity of a ritualistic proto-dance which mimicking the stripes of alluvial deposits pendulates between cross-section compacting in crystalline layers and the cadence of lunar beaches from which the last wave will retreat slowly but surely for the last time or note: all is mineral but watch out that it’s slowly becoming fresh like nostalgia because it contains traces of instrumental musical that pierce through magnetic echoes of a far-off human activity that is attracted to the depths, like or with entropic jitter in the thought of deciding a certain circulatory precedence, if that suits you. All around, musical dunes for Fata Morgana, Yeti in a chairlift, Sisyphus pushing Prometheus in a convertible, Gili does ‘pataphysics technoulipo for the gymnastics of heavenly bodies in the sky and other macrotonal didascalia that remain to be demonstrated.

Text by Octav Avramescu
released 18 September 2013
design: Michal Turlík, Jozef Tušan
mastered by: Stefan Mihailescu and Adrian Budritan
photography by: Gili Mocanu and Elena Album
Made by Headless Duplicated Tapes, Prague