Baba Vanga III: Nachtbote + Lightning Glove

NACHTBOTE /AT, Ultra Eczema, SF Broadcasts/

High energy fractal arabesques and endless light-headed dervishes from this Viennese constructivist & knife stabber Hanno Schnegg – beloved for his deepsea synth journeys with Raju Arara aka Rani Bageria on Antwerpen’s finest Ultra Eczema, his monikers Schnell & Schneller, and his selftitled cassette “Nachtbote” on SF Broadcasts, long sold out at source. Expect flesh piercing sawtooths, swamp wobbling sines & outer planetary triangle jewels melting down your subconsciousness into little hypercubes only to let it remodel again into one giant, heavy, white egg. Hanno returns to Czech Rep. following a mind-blowing storm of a gig at last year’s Creepy Teepee festival.



Acid house, jungle and rave of the end of the eighties and early nineties today only serve as a hauntological reminder, which emerges in various recontextualisations such as Lee Gamble´s much hailed Diversions EP last year. The Czech project Lightning Glove oscillates between a need to allude to the legacy of the subversiveness of rave, and on the hand, the raw heritage of postpunk, inspired by the likes of Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, echoing Excepter.

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